Over 35000+ Happy customers. Free shipping worldwide:)
Over 35000+ Happy customers. Free shipping worldwide:)
Smart Door Stopper Alarm
Smart Door Stopper Alarm
Smart Door Stopper Alarm
Smart Door Stopper Alarm
Smart Door Stopper Alarm
Smart Door Stopper Alarm

Smart Door Stopper Alarm

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You should feel safe & secure during your travels.

Will you be scared & worried if an assaulter were to break into your hotel room?

Imagine you're sleeping one night, suddenly someone dragged you to the floor, attacked you & held you captive for ransom! Isn't that scary & doesn't it scares your loved ones too?

According to the FBI crime statistics, there were an estimated 1,206,836 violent crimes with an estimated volume of rape offenses increased 2.7% from the previous year!

Smart Stopper is a 2in1 portable security system where it can be used as a door alarm & door stopper!

Most assaulters break-in through doors, with a 120dB alarm, Smart Stopper will help scare the assaulters, wake or alert you & other hotel guests!

With its adjustable 3-level sensitivity, it’s great to be used during travels because it protects your family & yourself from any invasion or danger!

Before you sleep, just place the stopper behind your door & turn it on. You will be at peace while sleeping at night without worrying about any break-ins & attacks.

Isn't it great to have additional security & privacy when you're traveling in a foreign country?

This door stopper has no installation required! Just place it behind any of your doors & it has a non-skid pad under allowing it to stop the door without sliding away!

Perfect for hotel rooms, motel rooms, Airbnb, dorm rooms & any short term rental accommodation! Rest assured you'll be safe inside!

You can also have peace of mind while doing your things in your room during the day, as you will know when someone opens your door or window!

Safety & Peace of Mind For Your Travels!

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✔️120dB Alarm

✔️Prevents Assaulters

✔️Protects Your Family & Yourself

✔️2in1 Door Alarm & Door Stopper


✔️3 Adjustable Sensitivity Level

✔️No Installation

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